Uri Frost - Guitar
Gil Luz - Keyboard
Jeki Ameamemet Zaborov - Vocals

Tel Aviv, 2013


Simone Choule

Uri Frost -Guitar, laptop guitar
Alex Drool - Drums, objects, voice

Tel Aviv, 2011


Music performed, recorded and produced by Uri Frost
Vocals and lyrics by HaMuchtar

Featuring live drum loops courtesy of [the great] Ruben from MUST and backing vocals by [the elusive] Timor. 

London, 1999

Rare- Private Pleasures

Uri Frost
Ran Slavin
Arik Hayut

1997 / Label: Hed Arzi


Adam Horowitz - Bass, vocals
Uri Frost - Guitar
Arik Hayut - Drums
Ran Slavin - Guitar, vocals

1995 / Label: Hed Arzi

Carmela Gross Wagner

Eran Zur - Vocals, bass
Uri Frost -  Guitar
Avshalom Caspi - Keyboards
Ori Balak - Drums

First album of one of the most influential bands in the Israeli rock scene.

1991/ Label: Nana Disc

בהשפעת הכישוף.jpg


Yoav Shaya - Vocals, guitar
Uri Frost - Guitar
Shachar Levy - Bass
Niss - Drums

1989/Label: Third Ear


Uri Frost - Guitar, drum machine
Adriana Dolabella - Vocals, bass
Philippe Hemadou - Moog, casio

Rio de Janeiro, 1985