Hexenschuss - Lambshake (2015)

Music Video


15 Minutes (2014)

Performance, 15 min.

Performance created for A-Genre Festival, Tmuna Theater
Performer: Amit Hadari
Director, Composer: Uri Frost

Invocation (2012)

Vdeo-dance made as part of a workshop with Isabel Rocamora.
Performer: Danielle Shufra

Shadows of Wannabes (2010)

Music Video

From the album "Ressek Zar"

Pussy Men (2008) - Trailer

Short Film, 8 min

Itsik and Eitan work distributing flyers. Eitan is obsessed with women and Itsik with cats. A transreal look at life in downtown Tel Aviv.

Cast: Elyasaf Kowner, Irad Matzliach
Cinematography: Ziv Bercovitz
Editing: Hinda Weiss
Written and Directed by Uri Frost

Katamine - When I Come Around (2007)

Music Video

Gaza (2004) - Trailer

Dance, 50 min.

Cast: Tamar Borer, Inge Zommer
Musicians: Ilana Tsabari, Uri Frost
Music: Mafatal, Uri Frost
Choreography: Tamar Borer
Director: Uri Frost
Premiered at the "Curtain Up" Festival, Suzan Dellal Center

The Left Handed (2001) - Trailer

Dance-Theatre, 20 min

Inspired and featuring texts from the novel "The Left Handed Woman" by Peter Handke

Cast: Tamar Borer, Eran Zur
Choreography: Tamar Borer
Composer and Director: Uri Frost
Premiered at the "Curtain Up" Festival, Suzan Dellal Center

Miss, did it hurt when you fell down from Heaven?
(1999) - Trailer

Theatre, 55 min

Cast: Alit Kreiz, Anton Mirto
Created by: Alit Kreiz, Anton Mirto, Uri Frost
Director, Music Editor: Uri Frost
Premiered at the British Festival of Visual Theater

The Other (1998) - Trailer

Short Film, 18:40 min

A blocked writer rents a castle hoping to be able to write about a failed love affair, but a stranger begins to haunt him.

Cast: Ricardo Puccetti, Naomi Silman
Written by: Uri Frost, Ricardo Puccetti
Music by Lee Konitz, Ghost
Shot, Edited and Directed by Uri Frost

22 D (1995) - Trailer

Short Film, 11 min.

A political drama depicting a few episodes in the life of a Russian emigrant who becomes the victim of a Zionist conspiracy involving time travel.

Cast: Yevgeni Kushnir, Ayelet Kurz
Cinematography: Ran Carmeli
Writer, Editor, Director: Uri Frost
Best Experimental Short 1995-Israeli Film Institute

RiR-Exorcist of Thoughts (1995)

Music Video

Directed By Uri Frost and Ido Nathan

Tap Golden (1993) - Trailer

Short Film, 4:20 min

Itamar and Elinor have issues.

Cast: Itamar, Elinor, Ilan Gilady
Cinematography: Shachar Rozen
Music: Ligeti, Uri Frost
Writer, Editor, Director: Uri Frost